The Flaming Lips

Kliph by amymergirl
Ivins by amymergirl
The Drozd by amymergirl
psychedelic logo created during a mushroom induced haze by DavesLips
The Lips in Dallas by lipster
Dallas, TX by lipster
On the right... by lipster
About to Freakout by lipster
NYE 2010 by lipster
The Drozd by lipster
He's got hand. by lipster
Wayne in Richmond by lipster
Skull stage in Richmond by lipster
Happy birthday Wayne!!!! thanks for everything. by cosmicmich26
Awesome Yoshimi tattoo by DavesLips
Kliph & Dave on NYE by DavesLips
Eric and the Fetus that lies between us. by lipster
Fetus birthday shrine for Wayne by lipster
NYE Party People!! by Dayspring420
NYE with The Flaming Lips by Dayspring420
NYE in OKC by Dayspring420
NYE with Wayne by Dayspring420
NYE was GLORIOUS!!! by Dayspring420
Do You Realize?? by photoleon
The Song Remains the Same by photoleon
Supersampler Strobe Lights by rockettaco
4 Panel Confetti Explosion by rockettaco
Oh, My Elephant Head! by rockettaco
Celebrate! by rewbaby
Dancers by atyree
Tiger Face by atyree
Steven by atyree
Emersion by atyree
Me and the amazing lips roadie who got me on stage ! by Moloney909
THE FLAMING LIPS Hopscotch 2011 by JUDE
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