The Flaming Lips

Fla M in G LIP s in LAS Vegas!
by Cyberyukon

I may never see the majestic beauty of the cosmos up close. I may never walk on the moon, free-fall through the sky at sunrise or experience the sound of a thousand animals in the jungle singing in unison. But wow. I have seen the radiant, aural color spin-dryer that is Flaming Lips in concert and behold. I believe I have seen the mind of God. More photos here:



Oh! It is really strange to see the guy in this photo. I am a big fan of Flaming Lips and I have seen many live events of Flaming Lips and they have inspired me a lot in my music career. Thank you Flaming Lips!

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  Apr 13, 2015

  May 20, 2015

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  May 28, 2015
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