The Flaming Lips

How I Learnt To Love The Higgs Boson
by drewdrewcito



awesome. can i buy this poster? i am an astrophysicist and i would love to have it in my office!

  Jul 8, 2012

I am in love with this, and desperately want a copy. What would you be asking for the original? I imagine it would be out of my price range but am curious regardless.

Please turn this into a poster!

  Jul 10, 2012

Hi fedhere. Thank you very much for your kind words. This work is actually on canvas and doesn't exist as a poster as yet. Would you be interested in buying the original? You can see pics of it developing and more of my work here:

  Jul 8, 2012

Hi just to let you know that the painting is no longer available. thanks for the positive words guys.
rock on!

  Jul 11, 2012

congrats on the painting sale (presumably). please do let me know if you make it into a poster. too bad i could not afford the original. and i would also be interested in buying a high res electronic copy of the artwork if you were inclined to sell that.

  Sep 21, 2012
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