The Flaming Lips

The Heads! (front)
by theflaminglips

Ok, so this is an interesting one. Every once and a while the Lips would play under assumed names in the Norman/Oklahoma City era. "The Heads" was the name for the Lips when they opened for Psychic TV. I'll have to look for the rider we made for the show it was pretty funny... we asked for a cake and underwear - didn't get either. The show was in Bricktown - I can't remember the name of the venue - was that where the Pyramid was? If anyone remembers let us know!


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Yeah I think it was the Pyramid. If I remember correctly "the Heads" show was rather dissapointing. They came out and emptied some lighter fluid into the top side of a china boy cymbal and lit it on fire. They might have covered a Zep tune or something. I also remember this as a "punk" show which I now find hilarious! Psychic TV was quite fun. I still enjoy them to this day. I remember being 15 or something and that lead singer scared the shit outta me.

  Feb 9, 2014
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