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Henry received fender knock off electric guitar in 7th grade for Christmas. He wrote his first song resembling punk, and has been composing original music and lyrics since. After He saved up two hundred dollars working on construction with his father he bought his first acoustic electric. He played outside J and Gs with the acoustic since 7th grade for tips on the side. He taught himself guitar from his musical lessons in cello with Yang Kun Song, along with learning from watching others play and learning songs by other artists. He has composed and experimented in a wide array of musical styles from psychedelic indie to surreal hip hop in his band Davis-Besse and the Meltdowns accompanied by his best friend Ezra Oden. Over the course of a few years they recorded numerous original songs, and found no success in getting shows. They then switched to a raw sound with Ezra on drums and Henry on guitar and vocals playing a hardcore blues punk as The Dead Folk Band. They performed at a few shows with relentless practice until Ezra moved to Georgia. Henry then settled down playing shows at the Dragonfly Artisan Tea Cottage. He played with only his acoustic, broadcasting his collection of original folk music he wrote on the side away from the Dead Folk Band. He compiled and composed more folk music until his first real show as a solo artist only a few months ago. He recorded a five song demo that has been played on WGRE the second best college radio station in the country, and continues to find shows and record and compose original music. He is continuing to look for shows with the support of all his fans and his general manager Mamie Silver.



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