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Hmmm.... I'm an animal lover & owner (a rescuer too lol), a student, & doin part-time work while gettin my school stuff situated. I love my boyfriend, Jason!

Also, I appreciate & am IN LOVE with music... I've been listening to The Flaming Lips since I was about 7 and my Dad had their albums. I have been a BIG fan ever since :)Listenin to & learnin about music is a hobby of mine, as well as watching movies... we r sorta movie buffs too. Oh, watchin documentaries is a fav too!

My hobbies are... spendin time with Jason, hangin out with my friends, spendin time with my 3 dogs, exercisin, & travellin too. Bein able to experience new cultures, foods and places with my best friend and boyfriend Jason, is more than I could ever ask for. We recommend travellin the US & world to everyone- nothin compares to seein & learnin about the world we live in... It's amazin!

Well, that's me... just a fun & crazy girl still growin, lovin, learnin, & livin everyday!
(kinda cheezy huh? lol)



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