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Peter Hrinko is an emergent artist whose career as an artist began at a young age in the heart of the Mid- West, in the industrial city of Springfield, OH. Peter began his studies at the Springfield Museum of Arts, involving himself in every available medium, anticipating the day he would make his mark on the world. Peter has trained at such institutions as the “Columbus College of Art and Design'”in Columbus, OH, and the “School of Adverting Art” in Kettering, OH. Peter has worked along side such artists as, Springfield painter Mike Copeland, Dayton Muralist Brian Bain, Denver multimedia artist Kevin Callison, and Seattle Video artists Scott James.
Peter’s art explores the simple structures in our daily visual world, emphasizing on light, shadow and the simplistic structures that are relayd on our memories, capturing that which eventually becomes history. Peter's application of pure color and simple strokes, allows the colors to blend in the visual scope of the viewer.
Currently Peter has been working with other local artists to help raise the awareness of the talent pool in Springfield, OH and the Mid-West with the multimedia art organization, the “Aberration Consensus”. Peter has also been working with local organizations such as, the “Frank Lloyd Wright Westcott House Foundation”, “Arts Interface Creative Group”, “Springfield Symphony Orchestra” and the “Kohler Foundation” at the “Hartman Rock Garden”, to maintain and grow the support of our local Arts and the surrounding community.



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