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The 1st Lips cd I owned was Transmissions in the 90's. Obtained it along with Alice In Chains cd of same name in a trade for COME TOGETHER, a compilation of country Beatles covers. I scored. Listened to it on occasion because I enjoyed the raw & unique sound. But I never saw them live in person or on video and didn't recognize the genius of Wayne and The Flaming Lips at that point.

Years passed, got married, bought a house, had kids and after settling down a little I found more time to pursue stuff I like. By chance I obtained a copy of TORONTO ROCKS dvd and had it on in the background while doing stuff in my garage. The dvd was mediocre until The Flaming Lips came on. Those guys were having fun! It stuck with me and over the years I've been collecting and listening to most of their albums and watching anything I could get my hands on, be it dvd or You-Tube.

Finally got to see them twice at First Avenue in Minneapolis. In Sept, 2014 performing the Transmissions album and again in Feb 2015 performing Clouds Taste Metallic. Both really special shows. Somebody posted the entire Clouds show on YouTube. Thankyou for that.

That's my Flaming Lips story.



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