The Flaming Lips Video Contest Winner Announced!

posted by wb - Jun 26, 2013

Thank you for all the great submissions in the “Look… The Sun Is Rising” video contest!

Watch the winning entry by Micah Buzan.

Micah’s entry featured over 2,000 hand drawn animations. Here’s how he described his work:

Taking over 2,000 drawings to complete, this hand-drawn animation details the eccentric ecosystem of some planet.

Animals on this planet live trapped in orbs, which are connected to machines that use animal energy as a means of producing clouds of various colors for the sun.

This one animal controls a flying-machine that is powered by an organ. When played, this organ produces rainbow clouds. He flies through the sky without any worries - playing his organ with the belief that he is truly free - until he finally confronts the planet's sun.

The story is open for interpretation. I hope you guys like it.

See the other great entries here:


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