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Pre-order The Flaming Lips’ New Album The Terror Now!

posted by wb - Jan 29, 2013

The Flaming Lips’ thirteenth studio album titled, The Terror, will be released on April 2nd in the US and on April 1st in Europe. Pre-order The Terror and get the track “Sun Blows Up Today” instantly!

Track listing for The Terror:
Look…The Sun Is Rising
Be Free, A Way
Try To Explain
You Lust
The Terror
You Are Alone
Butterfly, How Long It Takes To Die
Turning Violent
Always There…In Our Hearts

Non-Album, Bonus Track – digital ONLY:
Sun Blows Up Today

Pre-order on iTunes here.



Will this wonderful piece of work be available in non-iTunes format? ie. CD, Vinyl, unlocked digital download?

  Jan 29, 2013
K. Roe

I was hoping the pre-order would include options for a vinyl/digital package...any chance this will become reality? I'd rather have the vinyl as my first listen (but I'll take what I can get of new material...)

Michael posted a few pictures via Tweet of the record being mastered to vinyl, so hopefully there will be a vinyl release soon...

  Jan 30, 2013

no ipod here. hope we can pre-order vinyl or cd at least.

  Feb 2, 2013

Pre-order CD/vinyl editions here:

  Mar 11, 2013
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