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memorial to animal rights and equality where animals lived in equality


what if there was a whole town in west Virginia called harpers ferry as a memorial to animal rights and equality where animals lived in equality and all were recognized as conscious? that would be awesome

so im walking around, and first thing I notice is the dead snake outside my house.. then I notice the dead ferret outside these other peoples house, and the dead animal outside of the trail center, and i'm like woah, is it exodus? so then i'm about to walk over the bridge onto the trail, but then a truck passes me, and it says animal control, followed immediately by another truck with a little boat on it with an motor, that says, mercury, and immediately it hits me, this is all really about animal rights. so I go to the trail center in town, and theres all these hippie ish looking hikers out in front, and i'm just like, im here to tell you what this is about, and that's animal rights, its not about slavery any more (harpers ferry town is a museum to John Brown who liberated slaves through violence and caused a chain reaction which started the civil war) its about animal rights and animal equality, and i'm not a violent person, so its not going to be a reenactment, only a different species, though I do believe the true Hebrews include animals, and all beings, but its just gonna be like, similar, rise in animal rights consciousness and sentiment, end of the battles of fundamentalists, trying to say no its bad, we need to treat animals as slaves. because you should never treat anyone like that, if you were a slave how could you make a slave of another being, animals are as important as humans, we are all consciousness if they hurt, we also will feel it. Animal is to Jew as Jew is to God, if we treat animals like slaves, God will treat us like slaves, but if we treat them well, God will treat us well. I believe this. no more animal sacrifices, this is not the movie. not the reenactment its just being nice. then I told this to the people inside of the trail center. and I guess now im just gonna draw animal rights posters and hang them up.

Jun 22, 2013 - 4:13pm
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