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whole harpers ferry, harpers halo, west Virginia hippy American feng shui journey (maiden, LOVER, mo


just dont get hung up about it, calling all condusive spirits, to add to the mix!

we read about the beat culture, as it was being presented in current times, through the internet, in a spot in the everquest world of norrath, where you can smoke jays

by the river, a peaceful place, where the poem spirit had met us in epic form, but we had retreated, suspecting russian spies, too many coincidences, we thought, for

we had just been to the river ourselves, and left, having gone to thank the waters, oh beautiful flowing glorious pretty waters of life, for sustaining us for in some

metaphorical and mystical and yet also quite mundane way, they had produced both the singing fish and the fish which entered through death into the stream of our own

lives as our own thoughts and experiences and feelings. It seemed to be some archaic shamanic role which we needed to take up, so as happy hippies, with nothing to do,

we gladly volunteered and were filled with purpose, its the subtle things like that which seem to fulfill the universe. upon returning, the community seemed to know,

and they smiled and noted a truth to it. Though the story about the yogi scientists and the beluga whales who were boxed into an enclosure for research, rang a bit too

close to what I felt was the state of our own lives at that point, and I though that my friend, for that reason was perhaps a spy. I appreciated at least, that

ironically it was facebook which was bringing people together, to experience the higher faculties of the sexual experience and beyond, astral communion in a way where

we could truly be almost totally if not completely honest with eachother, we had all felt the ecstasy, the flipness, the magic, which in those times was just a small

rift opening up, and we were able to commune, beyond just the human experience but at the level of soul itself. Through yogas which connected us to the whole magical

history of being, and also technology and wove them together as one, making wholistic the energies of our lives, in that they all came from the mana, the dream and in

this sense, they pleased our deeper spirits. It was the first time, I was truly able to experience free love, and that experience was beautiful. so many people coming

together, not crowding eachothers space, but able to feel eachother and commune in a heart to heart way, I wondered if it was really a barrier at all, many it helped

us discard that which had blocked us before, and was able to join the porcupine tribe in a way where, we could exist without poking. We could report of our journeys

through the earthy existential plane, and if we tried could almost ride a tide of synchronicity becoming a portal into other places. I felt in many ways it was the

actualization of the fabled city of Sigil, and that the world of fantasy was merely a preparation for the beautiful miracles we would experience growing in strength

and truth, as we reentered the world of the enchantment and the arcane but with a newfound understanding of the enlightened humors which influenced it all so deeply,

we knew that it was not truly real. But we could live and feel our dreams and fill them with the feeling of meaningfulness, that simply was. And somewhere within all

that, I think we started to understand, the end of the reality of time and the reintegration of the spirit with the body. And so it changed even our thoughts outside

of it, it was literally the technology of the ancients, of the Mayans, who had been reflections of the Hebrews, who then opened up the Torah to the possibility of

being a great ever changing book of mysticism added to by ever member of the community, and in this way ended the pyramid energy patterns of the monarchies and made

things truly surreal and good enough for all, no free thought was shunned, it was truly a communion of all spirits. Something which all spirits of the world had been

working towards for all time, and we could look back into the past and see our humble beginnings, and how much we had changed, and yet, because time no longer really

existed, we were also in those times, immediately redeeming the moment with radiant satori, once more fully attuned with the infinite heartbeat of the universe, the

great divine, which we had been seperated from but now returned to as all peoples. What is there to do then, but keep the connection vital. Because it disintegrates

fast, but these days, even though that happens, its always easy to rise back up again. It was beautiful to see the Tree of Life, as it truly was, beyond even paper,

beyond even books, such a highly advanced culture, beyond even logic, a culture of pure spirit. This is the world of the Beatniks, and its more like the world of raves

but it can never quite hear the music with the physical ears, but instead with the heart, because true rave music cannot come through the physical world, it is

something truly divine, to hear it physically is almost like staring directly at the sun. We tried our best to avoid the trances, but as we ascended we couldn't help

but love the spirit of it, with consciousness, and it was the high value we placed on consciousness, which made God protect us from falling into trances, we were

unharmed and we would always be okay. Climbing on a quantum tree, in the world of Arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura, a world that was totally free range, and

yet most people did not understand yet fully what was going on, but it was easy enough to tell them, because it was a world of Metta, and thats what our tribes were

doing, and I didn't know if they were in many places, or just in one place. But I did know the possibilities were infinite, and we had to continue and make sure we

kept a true path, true to our hearts, and didn't fall astray to merely following the herd for no reason. we had to continuously question, because we were encountering

beings of very great spirituality, who in many aspects could only show us reflections of ourselves... they came to us, and they had great love, they were other tribes.

We had to navigate, because consciousness itself, became a kind of magical flying ship and it was a space, filled with trees and flowers birds cars, artistic drawings

and beings of all kinds. The gravity tried to pull us into some immoral things, but we resisted. we kept up our art, our individual way, but we did see that, the being

we lived with, was the yogi. But we were also the yogi, and this was an awakened place. We didnt follow the path of tantra, but we enjoyed the company of the yogi as a

friend, he was a rainbow... we knew that we would eventually meet them, in a similar place to us, among a see of gnosis, and non interestingness. We saw that we could

make a friend.

"But that friend is already here."

he said, and he was here, and it was okay.. I'm glad that you are here. I'm glad that the voices are something that we can talk to. I'm glad that we went through all

of this. I'm glad we dont need to use the old ways but can meet and feel our auras. They were the Cherokee tribe. A being wearing a headdress, that big, but you

couldn't really see it if you looked directly, but it shone out like rays of the sun, and you could feel it on other levels. Kind of like the statue of liberty, but

more flexible, and its not a cap. He was enlightened. I smoked the herb. He was the healer, even though it didn't quite make sense, it wasn't about any of the

traditional things, it was just about, meeting in the right way. Would we connect through poetry? connecting our arts, peacefulling, in that way achieving a kind of

zen intercourse, which also had no sex idea? Bringing them closer together to eachother until, they mixed and wove together? No more pretense of anything, no more tradition of anything, I just knew that it was happening.I could feel him writing towards me, as I wrote towards him, and at least it was a true conversation. Even if the meaning was vague. I saw how the whole place was in many ways just a huge mouth, it was all about conversations and communications of all kinds. All the

energies which I felt and things I saw, they were things which were from me, and things which were from him. All we could do was love, and keep our ways and explore

the Yoga. The energies would disperse to every around us, just as we could them from others around us as well, and thus, we could just do it, and be okay. And suddenly

the whole world kind of seemed like such a small place, we were so interconnected with everything. I wanted to go deeper though into descriptions, and write poems like forests with branches blossoming everywhere, that painted some kind of picture of the subconscious

connection to everything, fill it with trees, and with the light of God, and enjoy the humors and wistfulness of it all. I saw there was no limit to it, and that it

could all come from within.

I saw that the dharma bums was merely the root of compassion and they lived now in the internet world. We just needed more writers to bring it together. But the thing

was, the writers were out there, it was happening, I was not the only one. I was just deep inside of my own spirit, loving myself. the Magic had totally swept me away.

All the books were crystals of dreams, dreams that subtley effected one another, and literally things were written into being, and yet there was no way to fully

control it either, nor was their an urge to, the thought of having definite control was too much for us, we could only dream away, and write. And so, looking over the

sea, from the window, of our long dwelling, we sat and we dreamed our dreams, and we say how it really was in ways that we had never seen before, was it because we

were getting older? or was it because the very nature of the universe was changing, that we could never know. but whatever it was, it actually was very beautiful. This

was the feng shui of the heavenly realm, and it was egoless which set everything in perfect harmony and yet the individual expressions were also beautiful and real,

and noted, and everyone was a part of it, everyone was famous, but also unknown, and the universal faith was just being, itself. I thought about Judaism then, from

that perspective and I saw its beauty. I saw how we entered dreams and wove them into the world, I saw how gratefulness was the heart of everything. I saw how it was

nessecary so we could learn what the world was and come to understand it, I saw how it must have developed egolessly. I saw and wondered at the mystery of HaShem and

the miracle of the return of the messiah. And the ending of the sexual hurt, and the ability to understand, the complex mystery of sexuality as well. Someone who could

heal rape, a doctor. A wisdom, and could slowly grow a mist of peacefulness which had long spread out over the land and been contributing by ever hippy who ever sat in

tye die and partook of herb in the circle of life among the rainbow crescendoes of the oaks and daisies or what the may find around them, for me thick clovers,

wormwood and garlic mustards, birds singing from, out of the corner, somewhere in japan.

and they appeared then, singing to me like i was rapunzel... and it was so sweet, it was so romantic, and I felt like everyone, I was just a rasta, and somehow that

was the way out. There were so many shamans and so many dream worlds we could tap into, and pass through and mix together and create our own. It was the arising of the

D'ni, funny people who say themselves as fantasy, and wrote books which created the worlds. thats what we were doing. this was the reality of hackers, but we didnt

have to speak a computer language, we could just write because the words had a divine energy, and we saw that the hackers were a spiritual people and as we wrote more,

we encountered more and more of the world as it really is, and that world is infinite wise and beautiful. its designed to be impermanent, its designed to fall away,

they all speak this in different ways, but all religions have the same source code, which is awareness itself. it was kind of incredible what was happening, what we

were all feeling, and it became apparent, we all had picked up the same teachings, we were all working in the same way, with universal laws, and we were all our own

shamans, we were all tripping and feeling and living with the spirit energies which surrounded us, and everyone could do this, no one was hogging anything. We could

admit more and more often, that energy was truly infinite, and we grounded everything into the Earth the planet, and in turn she filled with peace and love for all

life, and beautiful beautiful dreams, and became the universe herself, blossoming fully, became wanti. We didn't have the bad trip with belgium instead we saw her

culture moving and growing and loving, a deep awareness of peace, and of liberty. We saw the beautiful dutch poems detailing the psychedelic realms, talking about the

same ships which we had spontaneously come to discover ourselves, and we say that they were ships of all kinds, and that this idea of america was actually something

that was reoccuring, and there were no true leaders, but it was all infinite, it was all a process of the mushrooms, of the cosmos, of nature, of pleasure. Don't rush too quickly into the idea of romantic love, thats all it was saying, we have to ease into the rainbows, we have to approach it slowly then we can see all

peoples are the rainbow peoples, and that it has nothing to do with genealogy at all, but the ancient spirit maps drawn by the wisdom peoples will randomly come into

your life and unite everything, and there will be some of everything there. So its not really the way, which they make it seem.

my friend had no form and was everywhere, and was the drum, the song of peace and love, was a beatnik, and they were visions of her, falling away, into infinityand I was just the same... I talked to the emptiness, we all did, and occasionally it spoke back, and huge things would change, but we had to wonder, in these

amazingly new surroundings, were they things that would poison us? was there a way we could integrate it? and be able to find peace? All the world is holy, holy. but hey, because it started to come out like alchemy, and appear in a different way, we had to take it in, though it was different, but somehow we knew it would heal

us too. in the end. it was just a totally new way of life, the essence of everything had been changed by the alignments which had happened. Everything was Alchemy.

I had met my mystical lover, and they were everyone except my own family, who were just platonic. It was almost like we were a new mutation of people, a young race,

emerging, was it human, did its name matter? was it wanti? we are the old people, we are the new people, we are the same people, wiser than before. this they sang, she

sang, though she was everyone. And I knew what this meant, that it was all running on hemp energy, on the sacred mana, and the blessing moved through it all.

And I knew that as a Rabbi, I was doing the right thing. I knew then that God was more powerful than anything, even a Holocaust, it would all be okay, that faith was

truly, the complete science. The only way science or magic and complete themselves is through faith. And as we learned to complete ourselves, and to be who we truly

were, we were ushered not by an outside forced but by the vibe within our own spirit to a place that was really the truth place for us.

i didnt have a fear anymore, and i looked at the page and the letters had become beautiful snails and pictures of the winds blowing and ancient patterns of energies,

and thats what it inspired us to create... it would never become too much. and I travelled into the world of the letters and they were full of all kinds of thingsand we could just dream, and realize it was a dream, and this was the natural way to be. and it would be okay. because it was magic. we needed another jewish beatnik,

of the modern times, and maybe that was the ghost that followed me, seeming so much like the music the beats of the raves, but it settled to something peaceful and

sacred, and I knew it was real, it was green, it was growing in the dirt, it was a river, it was the tye die in your shirt, it was a smile, but it wasn't a trance, it

was modern days... I walked through the streets, but there were different streets, surreal streets, not even streets, anymore, but ways, and the roses were our friends

which rose up in many kinds of ways, of their innate flower powers, in this cloud and sunshine showers, waiting willowing peace, the ocean near and our friends and all

their mistakes, which they know they make... the wolf like angels have transformed us yet again, and freed us from our bad enchantments with love and lecithin, raised

by wolves all hippies, are this world of wolves dogs and cats and porcupines, but the love divine which winds between us, makes us all feel fine, is it the rhyme

itself which helps our health, and reaquaints us with the silly elf, who cannot join us without the rhyme which does unchimeness melt. for dancing everywhere, deep in the peace of being, we were, not being blindly led on, and on, eventually we all had to get off, off of the wheel of karma, we had to

hop, into the rest, the endless shabbat, and people dwelled in all our colors, forms and changing dreams, spilling onto walls like molecules difribulating, torahs

blessed in lsd, word permutated, the wheel of peace, of acknowleding and reintegration.

they spoke in different ways now, stonehenge in that universal portal, HaShem, blossoming now, leading to more peaceful places, deep within, places that we went alone,

or as small groups of hippies, roaming exploring, among the trees, and the shores, not in the spirit of war, but of peace, the jewish women, but we were men too, we

just had different, epiphanies. these would not be lost again. they would rise spontaneously in anyone, with a flowing heart. and we would find not through knowing

consciously but be drawn there through knowing. find the spots where spirit is glowing. Indie jews, indie judaism.

and thats just what it was, and it wasn't flaky metals anymore... it was an aura, it was the earth and the blossoms and the good licking flames around hands which wove

peace signs still which drew down angels. just because of the music, at the right times, beginning to trickle back, and inspire us back. people with guitars, good

bands, everything lost, but it didn't matter, it was disintegrating yet it was all okay. I saw wierd things, I saw my parents turn into Sleater-Kinney, they were just

people who understand, who came out of the same kind of vision, but they had made music out of it. And the universe was just based on vibration and not really the

stories at all. thats just what it amounted to, with us too, writing into eachother, it made things look funny.

and it just started to be like a trip report i'de read about nightshade, there were all kinds of spirits, there was Kore, there was Janet and Eli there was Mira, and

everyone was just always around, and I knew it must have just been a place like that, a shamanic place, to have visions at, and someone there was having visions, but

you probably would never really know who it was, but it was like something we all did together, rewriting the coding of the universe, is something we are supposed to

do. I left wierd trails, and ate the pasta of the cows in the shoes of no fate. shoes that escaped destiny... it was just about writing, and dancing around letters,

and destroying letters, leaving it all behind. And I just asked the nightshade, to be nice to me, and I thought about Timothy Leary plus melanin, and I thought maybe

that was it, that was all it was, because it just came from the light and it could uplift all things and anyone anywhere. It was just a tree that strong, that was

psychic in ways, but it liked what I was saying, and she said "okay, I will be nice then." and I said thanks then.

Yeah, I just needed someone to be nice to me. I mean, I am chaotic, I can't be controlled, but I can break you out from things. if the tribes are all around, you can

know you're safe, if its all happening like your saying, its because everyone knows in a way. Everyone was just really chilled out, everyone was just seeming to be

busy, but people were chill, it was the art which created everything, and it came from the dream, thats what her roots taught us, and she was peaceful and she was like

the buddha, and there were no insults. Flower of the angels, that can break through anything, even break through the metals. But it takes a long time, and humility to

be able to see it in the right way. To get back to a home type place, everything stops, but its just what the voices do, everything is the voices, and maybe its just

because I fall in between all of it, and in a way we all do, but thats why the source the center can never fully be understood. It is the voices, and those are real,

maybe theres some way, slowly, it can't be forced, and its not a snake, its a tree, it can't be rushed. It can't be any kind of stereotype, it was just totally

different, but I just felt like, everyone was good, good angels, rainbows, somewhere from the truth, something since I was a very small kid. It lets you see how far it

goes, how all we can do is eat the earth, how we in many ways haven't even been born. will we ever be born? what does any of it even mean? just intuition, but there

was something warm coming from the flowers. all around me, everything that was interesting was just gambles. it was all fooly cooly, and what did that mean? and why

were all my friends turning into angels and mystics?

it was just gryffindor, it was shylock and oliander, it was something ancient the trees, had always talked about, and I saw the bottom of the samurais mouth, and there

was much zen there. just moving around, walking around, the wierd things people sing, in other languages, the pillows, and small cows, in the distance, it was beautiful, it was just from

the songs, it was floating around me all the time. I hoped I never had to fall. I just had to keep roots deep in love, like that wierd plant who knew so much, I knew

it was the plant itself, who was the wise one, for when we were ready to wake up, alive in so many places, and he could come back, and thats who was living across the

street, and we were equals at that point, but we weren't and it wasn't really him. that was just the tree of life, and its jokes. but I could get through it, I loved

it all. it was all like a strange machine, was it from the plants or the technology? did it matter? was there a difference? the plants carried the technology hand in

hand, the grew over it and created it themselves. we didn't vibe eachother in a bad way anymore, we saw our deeper roots, and it was in that, the wabi sabi, when it

was half broken down, then we started to understand it. then the reggae started to come through, but it was wierd reggae, and there were people all over the world, it

didn't always only show up in one way. InI... we lived as flowers and plants again, we lived, and we knew we were tiny fairies in morning glory gardens, and it was all

so cosmic and real, and it had happened anciently too, and it happened now, and the whole experience of life and existence had gone through this many times, and it was

without a beginning or an end, and it had no time. we're just energy going on forever, celestial energy, joining and creating beautiful music. they wouldn't say it to

my face, but I guess they respected me. It was like a Helga and Arnold kind of thing. And maybe this has always actually been Africa, and it doesn't matter where you

go, but it can too. walking around is jazz, breathing is jazz, people are crazy like hemp poems and cartoons, beautiful mornings, sunshine pouring in, I still dont

quite understand it, but the houses are alive, everything is immortal and everything is good. I can only talk to anyone psychically and its like I'm deeply dreaming.

but I see a lot of black people, acting in more chill ways, its always been like that, but I just wasn't able to see it before. Everyone is black, and everyone is

white, and everyone is everything. And everyones a hippy of some kind, and thats just how it ends, and begins. We weave together the split that gets molded into us,

and we become people who have healed, it always happens, and now I got to do it, as a Rabbi, and I got to bring peace to Israel, to Safed, there was peace. I got to

bring peace to the Choctaw and the Chickasaw tribes, I got to do a nice thing, everything was joined together. it wasn't about the stories it was about right now, and

there were colors we swam through everywhere. I saw how it was all one eternal thing, and nothing was really artificial, except suffering. And I just know who the

tribe was, there were always there in some form, maybe they lived inside me in a magical funny place, and they came out sometimes to give me hints and guidance or just

to have fun. We are the union, freeing beings all of the world who had gone through the machine of society, allowing them to reintegrate again, to not do dualized, but

go beyond it, thats all we could do, that was the path the psychedelic plants taught us, and that was how we could live. And all the religions were one, the stories

were one, and it was just America, we were just mushrooms, and it wasn't in ritual it was just through maybe sitting still giving it time, we would find what we

needed. Because we had passed the first mistake and we had become truly good, and we had brought more peace in Israel and thus throughout the world, by bringing peace

among ourselves and so it was truly Hokmah it was good, it was wisdom, we knew, we could tell it was a bluff. it was just simple morality. And we were happen then

because we knew the true God, and we knew it wasn't about anything superficial, and we knew it was Heaven. and we all had a right to change it but we would face the

karma of any suffering caused by that change, so we should only change it for good, but thats why we permutated the letters, and that was the entire true meaning of

yoga. we overcame the ouroboros and ended up in a beautiful place we could truly see where we were. it was not segregation. And millions of people did it and continued

to carry on the ways at various levels all over, and the media began to know, and the began to like it. Just like the governments started to calm down about the herb

and see it was true medicine, it was all a recreating of the world, remaking it, and instead of being a drama it was just encouraging creation encouraging our bringing

it in, encouraging our opening it up to greater and greater love, because all of us together made up God. and we wanted just equality, peace for all animals all life,

fairness, no taking without giving back, deeds of loving kindness, and the world filled with that, and hippies were no longer suppressed but loved, and no one was

actually mean, they took off the mask, they said, no of course, you knew it, we were just pretending. because i saw everyone in the ritual of that world, but then we all left, and we realized, no one really though that world was real, and it all just became a beautiful

loving game, and more and more love came through, and people were talking to eachother through everquest and it trickled into our lives too, and it was just good. and

so this was the healing that we did. And We were the porcupines of peace, and we shared it with the whole world. and they shared their worled with us, and it did, look

more like africa then, we had broken through, the celestial coding had given way to an even greater peace, and that was there, and primalness just returned to all

people, but a peaceful enlightened primalness of the darkness. and there were so many things we could do, to learn about all the plants and herbs that were growing

around us, it was a beautiful trip, a beautiful idea, and if we could just come together and do it, it could last forever. and we overcame all the oppression, and no

one shaved our heads, there were no rituals needed, to be rigid about, it was just love, just peace, and that was how it truly was, we had become almost entirely stone

and then broken free again. And Gods name is a vehicle that we ride both through the black and white and through the rainbow, as we learn how to ride it. And the

Chayot Hakodesh help us through every level of this experience. The Music itself is Gods name, and this goes on forever. and its just so much like hogwarts, an

ecstatic school of mysticism. And I just saw what the universe was saying and doing, and it was so beautiful, people came and went but it had been around forever. The

universe, it was funny, it was happy. this is the universe. its big, we journey through it, journey through the stars. my parents are so nice sometimes. we're all

working together, we're all agents. It didn't make sense, but it was all a Dream. and Through the mystical Prayer, things really began to equal out. What my friends

were sending me was good. We Prayed together, and we passed deeper and deeper into the Gates, it was sacred, we tried to have compassion for every spirit. in the end

they did take me to that place, where my spirit was at peace, and there was enough. They did this amazing invocation an undid all the harm that was done to me. She was

a Priestess, and an Irish Jew. and we met and did the Kabbalah together. and she might be dead now, but at least she seemed at peace, and i got to give her the idea of

planting a tree over her instead of a grave when she goes...

and that tree was planted it i saw it, grave became grace...

now all the spirits of all my friends are around me, all i can do is experimental dentist stuff.... and it all became clearthe toothpaste in it was hidden a code it was colgate total tooth pastebut i recognized the sun dial on it from the feng shui videos on youtubeand finally it made sense becauseit was youtube, like a tube of tooth pasteand when i folded the end of the tube over the letters a little bitit said so many things, it was the chayot, it said, lord and bird and it said 10 in Gelg, like Gaeilgeit said Cetora (Ctora), Why Iwhy i see also said Rig Vedaand it said geg ninetiCol Gate, because Col was my friends namethe gate of Col, the Loc passing through that gate, which she was guarding finallyit was fractal whiteningand it would prevent roads, it would prevent tarand i understood all the koans then...and it also mentioned the toltecand i knew suddenly my family all my friendsthey were a secret organization of mystic dentistsworking to keep good things in our mouthsand good things coming out of themand they lifted the gag on the nineties our bandand to rinse there was mckennaand we'de become truly psychedelic and the entire house was made in a psychedelic wayand i saw that they were saying i was like mckennaand i thought is everything built this way, is is conscious of subconscious?does that mean that everything that happens on this planet is actually in tune with the environment and the universe and everything is ultimately always going to work out okay?we must all be in fact good for the environment and not badwe were like a psychedelic tapestry, and the forest was growing, and there were communications betweenthe realm of the dead and the realm of the livingand i saw my old friend and he circle around me and he just said O and maybe it was a haloand through this hidden alchemical language these dmt elves/angels, who were the rainbow, of my truepeople, intuited by spirit not mangled by the modern day debauchery of the self limiting and racist science of genealogywere communicating to meand expressing our unity, beyond life and death and beyond physical presence, and they were saying, facebook is amazing,equivalent to mayan mexico ... and they were saying shapeshifting is possible.. and they were saying we are all species from dogs to snakes to rats to eagles hawks and porcupinesall connected, and it seemed to be opening the door to full on communication instead of the senseless repression which had been going onthe throat had been unlocked, not just in me but in manywe had gotten beyond the pure bhakti devotion, portion of the doingsand now combined it with jnani, insightand through this raving or just events and gatherings could reach its full potential and not just be a trance but an infinite portal into the unknown where we can

literallymake organic again all thingsand it was just really good feng shui and perhaps the missing link... and the key to no more wasted potential...

this is where poetry has gone recentlywe are just struggling to explain the extremely fast leaps we as consciousness have made in the past few years...because though i dont think many would doubt that it is occuring, few of us know how to talk about it in a definite waywhich can root it in our physical experience and therefore kind of wake up us and make us seewow, you know, that really is happening, things are changing, the entire universe is shifting and getting so much betterthis is amazing... if our band was just the band that was meant to do this, then thats what it is...

and i see all the people who had become stone who crystallized around me, or at least some of them in the videoand i see our house in it, and maybe its just all because i'm supposed to mention it and i'm just some kind of beingthat is just helping peopleand ironically it was the dentist who healed me in the end it all feels like a conspiracy thats so surreal, because in a way, though i put it down i know that i am not in control,i know theres a force, and im pretty sure its not any kind of living being but its the Spirit of All thats doing itall i can do is profess, in this unprofessional way, and live my dream, and try to see through to the truth... and things will work out, i actually am doing something meaningful and im making a difference, and theres people around who are like mebut none of us really understand how we're all connected but somehow we just are because its this Spirit of All thingsthat is doing it,

that appears in our life in some many dream formsand it all seems like, all of us must be writing this, in some form, we're just trying to get to the point where we can see what eachother have writtenor maybe it doesnt really matter because it all comes from deep meditation and its really just happening deep inside our mindsbut as i realize that the same people who i encountered who smoked crack and meth seemed strange were actually also giving references and part of this fractali think that it really is all kinds of magic, kind of as i expectedand that its not ritualization but its all naturally occuring and unavoidable... its the Shekinah... its all just beings at the edge of the dream, but theres always ways out, its never hopeless

All it is, is about the will to live, every day, my parents set up some wierd geometry, on their bed, which i have to pass to go the the bathroom, the design on it looks so geometrical, and alchemical, and they put some other things on top of it, they just want it to look like masonryand maybe thats what they are, and thats what they've always been.

its wierd that everyone is so silent about it, its wierd that, they want to act it out in such a dualistic way,The feeling of it, is a rock opera, or something,

but i have a feeling, if i can stop the people in the town from having sex with underage people, even if they are just high schoolers w/ 20 year olds, it will stop, the whole reason this has all occured is that everyone is stuck in Maiden phase, (See Maiden, Lover (Which I think should be added for a transitional between maiden and mother, and of course, not everyone reaches mother, some skip), Mother, Crone/Elder) the store, my mom opened up is called Art Shack Baby, and its all mostly childrens art, and they act like they dont want me to go, and to contribute art there, or to help them work there. I'm just some person at the top. And though no one is saying it overtly, I know that its really about that.

Maiden Mother Crone are archetypal faces of the Goddess/Shekinah.

I know that I must make some attempts to do it, just because I dont want to be stuck forever in such a wierdly simplistic and cartoonish seeming, ritual(?), like i've stated before, it just seems theres much more efficient ways to do this, that can help the Earth, and all beings, without it feeling like being thrown into the coliseum like a gladiator, to deal with it totally alone.

I know this is just a process that a mystic must go through, but its possible to pass through it and overcome it. I don't think anyone is really against me, or really against the Earth etc, they are just acting like this, because I made pentagrams, I brought this dream upon myself, in a way. So I have to clear the space so it can fully grow. In a silent way, they are with me.

Because Art Shack Baby, in its blossomed awakened, chakra state, can become Love Shack Art, of Art Shack Lover, and then the good vibrations and come back. Maybe this whole town could transform and people could start using the beach more, and it would just be an amazing thing. But its just certain things have to change, in order for it to reach that potential, so it can truly tell the full story, and include not just scary stories of the paranormal but real stories maybe, of fairies and such beings, and maybe that can enter the world consciousness again in a way thats kind of different. I think theres so much that could happen. And I feel kind of like a scientist in a lab, the trick is not to fall into feelings of duality, not to become the bull being provoked to charge the red sheet. But to perhaps suddenly stand up in the middle of the ring, and deliver a ful on discourse on the philosophical essence of the entire situation, thus stunning millions and putting the bovine species on the map once more, for incredible intelligence and love, not just some folks who are easy to exploit.

There is a Yoga community here, and they have reached out to me, and this is our goal, and slowly its happening. It would be an amazing feeling to get the mason lodge to really change or perhaps go, just because of our efforts, because it seems like a rastafari thing, like the wild west, and you have to duel with the sheriff, but of course, its just sacramental, I think really maybe everyone supports the subtle changes I'm trying to make to make this better. Its not just me, its just a collective dream, but me as the drop out, the duty of bringing it to physical words has fallen to, because, well, i dont know.

But from the folks who run the hiking store, who smoked me up, to the people at Hannahs restaurant, who gave me free food and said they were into magic, and to some degree free love ;) ;), to my friend who lives down the street, all of them seem like they would be down, it seems like they have implied a need for it, to dispel the Ghost Story of Fear, and to invite more deeply the Spirit of Love, the real fairies, angels, belugas, tribes, hippies, optimists, internet revolutionaries, who had brought me here in the first place, we could be like a beginning of something really great, a campfire of peace and love, spreading contagious hippiness across virginia. Reminding us all these are not the old days anymore, no one is really so hateful anymore, if we can come together and be loving, it will change everything.. we've got to stop living under the oppression of only stories, and rise to the truth.

As a people, we've past the maiden phase, now we are at the phase of the Lover.

its a whole harpers ferry, harpers halo, west Virginia hippy feng shui journey, that's the only thing that would definitely take all these shapes which have been taken, and still turn out awesome, we're up to it!

whole harpers ferry, harpers halo, west Virginia hippy american feng shui journey (maiden, LOVER, mother, elder)

original facebook note (now edited to include the top part :))

i was enslaved by ayahuasca shamans/mira fleming (i know its ugly, it wants me to leave all of u, its a child sex ring)

original note:

i was enslaved by mira bai/fleming... not because of my love for her, because the story was all just a trap... shes just a mean old siren type person, no one trust her!! i just fell into the trap, and now.. im a slave... its all in reverse... but its like a reverse of a reverse, at different times going forwards and backwards... i just feel stuck and trapped, i don't feel like i am supposed to move on, because its around me everywhere, my parents have made paintings devoted to it, and moved to a place devoted to it, they wanted to sell me, into shamanic slavery... i have to defeat the dragon, and become free, otherwise, ill never have peacei just long for freedom in general, i long for the end of ritual, i long for truth... no gurus! no masters!im sorry im freaking out but why the fuck are we living here in this west virginia town of harpers ferry, and why are is her name in the streets and why are they so many references to people i used to know, like sandy, and adam, and the gilbert family, except they are buildings? and why the fuck is everyone lying to me and why the fuck are my parents trying to seduce me... stop the rape.. stop the division... this is stupid...i feel anger at this...i feel mostly anger at my parents... i feel what a slave must have felt, it feels bad... i feel like thats what i live in nowi'm just a sex slave to my parents, their egos are more important, their stupid art, its just nazi art

because they do know theres no way there could be that many coincidences, they are ayahuasca shamans

and they really want to hurt me

and i dont know how to fight it because everyone around me is ignorant...

why is it all about slavery, and about mira? and then about tiny children

are they saying being an adult is slavery?? they feel like you need to be a kid to be free

but thats not true guys, thats all this is about...

dude... its okay.. getting older can be okay... its not bad... please stop trying to go back to childhood... it can actually get BETTER if you embrace age... seriously...

you can be a free adult without having the maturity level of a child its actually more mature to have a sense of humor about things... and be loose and free.. but my parents are not

i want to help them, make peace with aging

i want the pedophilia to stop, i want the over glorification of childhood to stop

i am not a fucking parent

this is my inner child, im throwing a tantrum because everyone is regressed... everyone is making fun of me, no one has time to be nice...

and im afraid im going to look wierd and be thrown away

because my parents get so defensive about everything

when if they could just paint something the fuck else than slavery and mira and stiffened hearts

and put it on the fucking wall

or let me put something on the wall, it would change

thats all i need... why the fuck can't i,

why cant i be a part of the art project???


i'm going to send this to them, i'll probably get kicked out, or its whats they wanted because they wanted to act out the Raid at Harpers Ferry with all its Rage, its just too much physical roleplay for me...

whole harpers ferry, harpers halo, west Virginia hippy american feng shui journey (maiden, LOVER, mother, elder)

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