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save earth now with GLOBAL INTERNET GOVERNMENT by charles webster baer of tianjin china


w w w . g l o b a l i n t e r n e t g o v e r n m e n t . c o m

Jun 3, 2014 - 5:28am

my feet and I are no longer on speaking terms . today I walked non stop for over seven hours . we shall begin at the begining . wake up at seven am. throw on fanny pack . yep . I said it . fanny pack . wear it loud and wear it proud . I have two . I would tell you all about them but I really dont think you people can handle it . threw two lick plums , aka crack sead , into my mouth . these are dried plums , which you eat in a minute or two , and then you have this plum seed to keep your tounge busy for the rest of the day . tounges like to be occupied . thats why people who have nothing to say talk so much . but I digress . so now Im walking to subway station two . the red line , line one , stops , or starts , about two blocks from me . but because of construction , its like a seven block trek to the place , and its also a seven block trek to station two , and I have been to station two before , so I go to station two . I go north west four or five stations and get off . I look around because I need to get back to this spot to go home . now I am heading a mile or two south west . thank you yahoo maps . destination , tianjin museum . this has been on my hit list since I got to china . today , all systems go . so I get to this big space ship building . this has got to be it . no one inside . no one around . thats strange . oh , its the tianjin museum of science and technology . ok , can hit it up later . keep on keeping on . oh ,that must be it . another space ship building , this one the size of a football stadium . again , no one inside , no one walking around . go in to investigate . its the tianjin opera house . wow . big lake next to it . ok , keep on moving . tianjin library . nope . tianjin museum of modern art , hit it up on the way back . ah ha , tianjin museum . I think its been open two years or so . past it is the tianjin museum of natural history . hit that one up next and make my way back to civilization . pull out passport , free ticket , thank you , get in , could have taken elevator to top floor , fifth floor , but take escalator instead . ok , lets get down to business . beautiful building , if mom was here she would have passed out . ancient pottery , jade sculptures , paintings , dragon bones , these are my favorite , turtle shell , or other kinds of bones , and you would pose the question , was the kings dream of a white bull a bad omen , what will be the out come of battle , will the weather be good for crops , then you drill a hole and stick a hot poker in the hole , then you get wise men to interpret the cracks in the bone as the answers . tianjin museum , as I wrote in the guest book , BEST PLACE EVER . I was only on the fifth floor , my first floor , and I was floored , excuse the pun . seriously , I have found my happy spot and Im going back for more next week and next month . fourth floor was all about communism , all red , with the cycle and hammer , I thought that was russia . curiously , no english sub titles . this floor seems to be the most popular with the locals . also , on the other floors with the english subtitles , lots just have the name of the dynasty with no dates , so that was bothersome . any way , all hail the glorious peoples revolution . off to the third floor . this was about the pre commie era , boxer rebellion etc . tianjin is really the door way to beijing , and thus china . everyone had a foot in the door . tianjin was really carved up like a pie with every nation getting a slice . lots of cool relics , cannons , swords , guns , etc . off to the second floor . can really remember whats on this floor . off to the gift shop . got a painting to put on my wall . will get more in the future . also got a key ring , needed that . then off to the first floor exibit . this was the ancient history of tianjin area . really cool . lots of iron things and pottery , etc . I think the second floor was painting and caligerafy . caligeraphy is a real big deal here in china . they use big paint brushes . I saw one guy a month a go painting stuff on the side walk with water , and another old guy came up and took the brush and showed him what was up , and then they talked about the deal , etc . so , really , I think I may have absored 15% of what I saw . cant wait to get back there and just spend the whole day floating around . good thing I dont have a camera or you guys would be getting hundreds of pictures . final grade , a plus . mvp = my feet . ok , off to the natural history museum . good stuff , dinosar bones , etc . liked it . free with passport . final grade , c . ok , now to the museum of modern art . dont need passport . free . great art . five floors , took the elevator , all kinds of paintings . great great stuff . really great . loved it . final grade , a minus . now to the library . ooooops , can get in on this side . thats ok . now to the museum of sci and tech . hope its closed because my feets are about fall off . its closed . ok , now back to the pad . go to station one . get home . air conditioner on . my a / c is not as powerful as I would like it to be . at least it works . so tomorrow will go on a juice run . the two convience stores next to me , all the juice they sell is months past the experation date . I have decided that it will be november before they have juice to sell that has not yet expired . will just hall my juice in from the mall . about twice the distance . or three times . no big deal . as far as my boss still here , she is , and my office still open , it is . if and when this changes I will let you know because at that point it will be home alone meets lord of the flies . comtemplating going into the lily pond to grab a couple of these massive lotus flowers . my next large excusion is to the coast via a bus that leaves from the bus stop across the street from the campus . will get some one to write down on a piece of paper in chinese " I want to go to bin hai " , " I want to go to tianjin blvd " , " I want to go to 1310 dagu south road " , etc . that will be an exciting day trip . its got to be half an hour of less buss ride . Im going from the east side of the city to the east side of the city . Im sure its a lot smaller of a deal than I think it is . thats about the long and the short of it here in the place where they think they invented civilization , and from what I saw today they may be able to back that one up . peace and love from the P R C , cwb . oh yeah , in front of the tianjin museum is a huge stainless steel backwards c over water . that was a nice touch .

Jul 15, 2014 - 3:04am
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