The Flaming Lips

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Disappointed by Atlanta show


So, I bought tickets for the Atlanta show, and I figured there would be a full set played by the band seeing as how this was the article I read that made me buy the tickets:

I didn't show up right at 8 pm (the time printed on the ticket) since no show starts on time. We got in by 8:50 and came to find out we missed the Flaming Lips altogether. Apparently they only played for 30 minutes, 5 or so songs (as we were told by others).

I would not have paid over $50 a ticket for that. Like I said, I assumed it was a double bill based on the Pitchfork article. I didn't realize the Flaming Lips have been relegated to an opening band.

Needless to say, I probably won't be going to another Flaming Lips show, despite being a huge fan. I'd hate to overpay for a show in which they may only play 5 songs. I certainly won't be driving 2 hours either, so unless a show is in Birmingham, I'll stick to listening to my records.

Disgruntled fan,


May 4, 2013 - 5:49pm
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