The Flaming Lips

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Support of Pink Pony and Governor Fallin


I've loved your music literally since the late 80's. I always felt it was a safe, warm and weird place of discovery and acceptance. I guess this is why, after all these years, that I am so hurt by your hateful and racist actions. Coming from Oklahoma, I know you know better. Perhaps the daughter of a governor who thinks it's okay to sell NDN babies to the highest bidder might not get it. She is spoiler and privileged. She needs to get kicked around by the world to understand human suffering. But you?!?!?! You know better. You elevate people's minds with your music. For you to now behave like this is shocking and disgusting. I have given you my ears and my money. I have watched your movie and your videos. I have cheered at your successes. And this is how you repay me? (And the people for whom your state is named!)

I am just so hurt. It makes me want to puke. I started a hashtag to describe how I feel. I hope people will loin me in using it. #PinkPonyPukeParty

May 6, 2014 - 10:43am
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