The Flaming Lips

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Oh My Gawd!!!, Ben Linder and Michele V Letter


hello everyone i was hoping to gain some help on finding more information about a letter from michele vlasimsky (former lips manager and wayne's ex) to a boston videographer bruce petschek that i found in a copy of oh my gawd!!! here in a boston record shop. i am kind of interested in more of a back story behind this letter and if bruce ever came through with the requested video of ben linder. my apologies for dropping such a crazy topic on a first post but i have been following the band since '92 and went to school in fredonia where sightings of the band were just an everyday part of school life there. below is an email with more details i sent to a good friend of mine who is also a heavy lips fan and there is a picture below too ...

"I came across a copy of Oh my gawd!!! the flaming lips today and inside was three sheets of FL letterhead with a note from former FL manager (and Wayne's ex) Michele Vlasimsky to Bruce Petschek a videographer here in Boston. The jist of the note is about Michele seeing this video of Ben Linder an engineer who was murdered in 1987 in Nicaragua by contras sponsored by the US/CIA. Apparently the song Can't Stop the Spring was inspired by a NPR report that Wayne caught noting that protestors were carrying signs at the funeral saying 'you can crush the flowers - but you can't stop the spring!' Anyways Michele wanted a copy of a video that Bruce had and in turn she sent him a copy of this album to share with Ben Linders family. Well needless to say the album never made it to the family and here it sits in my hand for the few pennies i paid for it today."

Jul 30, 2012 - 7:03pm

That's my aunt - Michele Vlasimsky - she's my aunt

Feb 25, 2015 - 3:32pm
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