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Discussion about magic


Im a smoker of good weed of spain, I see you are the kind of person like me, well, in the cd yoshimi battles the pink robots, I bought the cd whithout have hearing it before but the singles, and thhe localization in the track 9 of the single was strange, after that there are two songs more, the last of them instrumental, you have a personal test when you hear these three songs, i mean, you critic the single, after that you critic the cd because all you have is now is the last song with voice.

In a morning i fall asleep with the single, I´ve never differentated the songs before do you realize, so i fall asleep with most of the cd listened, but with a single at the end of the cd when you remember the experience you feel like magic, and you dont know why, but then you hear and you realize why feel like magic, I've had forgotten that after the single there is just one more song with voice, and I thought when I was hearing do you realize? that it doesnt.

Last year, when it takes some time since i've been listening to it, I was hearing it, and I forgotten that was one of the last songs, I remembered the morning falling asleep with the single and that memory was the one who made me thought it because I just remembered to fall asleep with the single and the logic is that the cd doesnt ends after that.

I also think that the energy of love is the same that big ban´s powers.
And love is a feeling you can feel every second and life without death is imposible, so you have to be happy with the energy of love and music, the drugs are something new but they dont cause happiness, it causes new experiences, and if you dont know the effects you are discovering the life, but if you are addict you are not seen nothing new in life, with love and music all is new and real.

But a thing happened to me, i took when I was 16, 7 years ago, a several dose of a psycotropic, I was knocked out and sick of a drugs that made me be without moving, but I wasnt scared because the drugs was smoked, and nobody has died because smoke, so Ive just have to do nothing and I was discovering life, you know what I mean, you are doing something without moving that makes you happy, so the life can see you ( you are quiet) while you discover it ( a drug with unknown effects).

So my brain starts to feel the hair as a stake in my brain, cause I was in contact with the reality, the exterior, and what is the exterior and how you connect, with the skin?, no, with the hair!

Jun 30, 2012 - 4:30am

so I start to do nothing and I just do like I go to class but ive just go to see a girl that is at the left of me in class and I just have to go for see her, my obligation is my happiness.

the music is real so when you are really happy, in love with the life, knowing that you are so lucky to have taste that psycotropic, it feels like ectasy, and the life is ecstasy, because you are the lord of time

Jun 30, 2012 - 4:38am

the magic static

Jun 30, 2012 - 5:56am
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