The Flaming Lips

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"waitin' for a superman"...for my short movie ?!



My name is Boris Dieval, I'm a 31 years old film director. In 3 days, I will shoot my 2nd short movie ( is the website of my 1st one). I write you this message to ask you the right to use one of the song composed by the "flaming lips". It's about the track "waitin' for a superman".
This song is like especially written for the kind of mood I'm looking for...By the way, the story is about a young kid who lose his father...
Let me notice you that this project doesn't have any commercial purpose...only premiere in festival. I have so much respect for music to use this song without asking for your permission, I would definitely have a special attention in the end credits and the communication campaign to thank you if by, any chance, you would give me a positive answer.

Please, I do hope my request will retain your attention...If one of you can give me the mail of the person I have to contact about this request, I would be very pleased !

Best regards from france, and all my respect to the band.

Jan 31, 2012 - 11:57pm
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